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Kathryn Walker - Curriculum Vitae

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Area of speciality

Political Philosophy

Research interests

Continental Philosophy


  • Ph.D.
    January 2000-Febuary 2007
    Social and Political Thought. York University. Toronto, Canada
    Thesis: “All of Us Antigones”
    Supervisors: Lorraine Code, Ian Balfour
    External Examiner: Rebecca Comay
  • M.A.
    September 1997- December 1999
    “Pass With Distinction”
    Social and Political Thought. York University. Toronto, Canada
    Thesis: “Ambiguities: Benjamin and Bakhtin”<
  • B.A.
    September 1993- August 1997
    Philosophy (honors). University of Toronto. Toronto, Canada
  • Other
    September 1990- April 1992
    Mathematics. McGill University. Montreal, Canada


  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship
    La Chaire De Recherche du Canada en Mondialisation, Citoyenneté, et Démocratie. Université de Quebec à Montreal
    Hosted by Joseph Yvon Thériault
    October 2009-April 2010
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship
    “Democracy and Diversity Fellowship.”
    Department of Philosophy.
    Queen’s University. Kingston, Canada
    Funded by Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.
    Directed by Will Kymlicka
    July 2008-July 2009
  • Graduate Development Fund
    York University
    January- December 2005
  • Graduate Development Fund
    York University
    January- December 1998

Refereed publications

“Between Individual Principles and Communal Obligation: Ethical Duty in Sophocles’s Antigone.”  Mosaic; journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature. Fall, 2008.

“The Tragedy of Interruption.”  Critical Sense.  (Berkeley: 2004)

“Dreaming, Mourning, Working: The Role of Teleology in Early Twentieth Century Marxism.”  j_spot: Journal of Social and Political Thought, 2.1(2003)

Paper delivered

“Two-Dimensional Participatory Parity: Resolving Debates over the Status of Ethnic Identities During Transitional Justice,” delivered at “Democratization and Ethnic Communities: Conflict, Protection, and Accommodation.”  Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto.  April 18, 2009

“Migrant Cinderellas: Foreign Domestic Workers and Global Justice.” Queen’s University Philosophy Department Colloquium.November 2008.

The Tragedy of Interruption.”Discord: Social Theory Consortium.  (Toronto, June, 2004)

“Antigone and the Black Widows.” International Studies Association Annual Convention.  (Montreal, March 17-20 2004).

“The Interruption: Ethical or Tragic.” SUNY Stony Brook Grad Conference (NYC, February, 27-28, 2004).

“Confronting Legitimacy.” The Legitimate State.(University of Toronto, May 2002)

“The Political Touch Project.” R/evolution.  (Concordia University, March 2002)

“Cutting and Critique.” Strategies of Critique XIV. (York University, 2001)

“Desire and the Phantasmagoria.”  Strategies of Critique XIII. (York University, March 2000)

“Video History.”  Unmaking History. (USC, Los Angeles, February 1998)

“Driving with Benjamin.”  Passagen 2000. (UVA, Amsterdam, July 1997)

Work in progress

“Rooted Cosmopolitanism: Canada and the World.”  Co-edited with Will Kymlicka.  To be published by the University of British Columbia Press, 2010.

“Constructing Subjectivities: The Dialectic Construction of Subjectivity in the Philosophy of G.W.F Hegel”  To be published by McGill-Queens University Press, 2010.

“Troubled Reconciliations: On Kok-Chor Tan’s Liberal Multiculturalism.” Under review Political Theory.

“Corpses: Lost and Founding.”  Under review Janus Head.

“Hybrid Identity: Resolving Debates Over the Status of Ethnic Identities During Transitional Justice.”  Under review International Journal of Transitional Justice.

“The Dialectic of Agency and Purity: Antigone and the Beautiful Soul.”  Under review Philosophy and Social Criticism.

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